We love to fix stuff.

We repair digital cameras, film cameras, lenses, camcorders & more...

Digital Camera Service & Repair

Digital SLR Camera Repair - repair, restoration & cleaning of digital SLR cameras including Canon, Nikon Sony and more.  

  • We can repair impact damage & limited fresh water damage,
  • Replace worn or damaged parts like shutters, motor/gear assemblies, flash heads, LCD's and more.
  • We replace Nikon rubber grips - make your camera look new again! 

Mirrorless Interchangeable Digital Camera Repair - repairing mirrorless interchangable cameras (ILC) by Sony, Panasonic & Canon.

Compact Digital Camera Repair - in 2015 not many compact cameras are worth investing repair money but in some cases we replace LCD panels, repair lenses and replace battery doors for select models - call or submit Estimate Request for more information.

Digital Camera Cleaning Service - if you have black spots on your pictures, chances are your camera needs to be cleaned.

Our complete cleaning service includes:

  • complete external cleaning
  • best-possible cleaning of the viewfinder (some units are sealed, requiring disassembly to clean, outside the scope of cleaning service)
  • main mirror & mirror box cleaning
  • expert cleaning of the image sensor low pass filter (LPF) using professional Sensor Swab brand wipes and Eclipse cleaning solution
  • cleaning of the battery chamber & battery terminals
  • check of basic operation
  • external cleaning & basic check of one standard type lens
  • ask about Nikon rubber grip set replacement

Service takes 2-3 hours or overnight and is usually available during regular business hours, no appt. needed - $59.00

Specialty Digital Camera Service - Infrared IR conversions, cleaning of medium format digital backs.

Lens Service & Repair

We repair all types and brands of lenses - from Leica vintage lenses to the latest Canon

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Classic & Antique Camera Restoration

(custom gallery)

Leica camera refurbishments - full refurbishment of rangefinder cameras

Leica lens cleaning - internal cleaning of lenses.

Twin Lens Cameras - repair of almost any quality vintage twin lens cameras including Yashica, Rolleiflex, Mamiya & Minolta.

Rangefinder Cameras - Leica, Contax, Ziess Ikon, Nikon, Canon, Fujica, Olympus, Minolta, Argus & more. 

Medium Format Cameras - Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica

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Camcorder & Video Repair

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1970's LED watch repair

I didn't set out to fix 1970's LED watches, they found me  - around 1970 the LED light as we know it was in it's infancy and one of the first products to utilize a light emitting diode was a newfangled device called a digital watch.

Pulsar, Omega & Hamilton - these three brands were the first to offer the digital LED display watch to the world

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Film & Video to DVD Service

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our eBay store

Check our legacy eBay store ElkinsParkCamera, in business since 1999, for quality refurbished used and vintage camera gear and accessories.  It's a potpouri of photography related equipment, supplies and odds & ends.